Why Is Faith Important

Faith is important because it is at the root of the authentic life you live. There is a sequence of cause and effect that is triggered by your faith and ends with the definition of your character. It goes like this: Your faith determines what you believe to be true in your heart of hearts. […]

And The Answer Is…

In my blog post entitled “The Big Questions,” I identified ten questions whose answers, I contend, determine our sense of self and shape how we interact with other people and the environment. Here I have taken the time to blog about the answers to those questions. Before you get your hopes up too high by […]

The Big Questions

To be human is to ask questions. We are driven by an innate desire to know who, what, when, where, how, and most importantly, why. Our pursuit of happiness is satisfied only when we find, or are given, the answers to our questions. Of all the questions we ask on our life’s journey, there are […]


Many think God mostly speaks to us supernaturally.