writing journeyI developed an interest in writing because of my mother. She loved to read, and she wrote letters regularly to family members on the east coast. As a result, I developed a love of reading all types of books, and writing about what I was doing, thinking, and feeling.

I began my writing journey after college as one of my job responsibilities. This came about because my managers discovered I could write well, despite the fact that I was as an engineer.

I consider myself an “unexpected” author because writing a book was never on my bucket list. While I do like reading a fiction novel once in a great while, I do not have a passion for creative writing. Mostly, I am driven by my curiosity about “how” and “why.” So, I like reading true stories about people, events, and subjects that increase my knowledge and understanding. This, coupled with life’s lessons, have given me some measure of wisdom.

I became an author out of obedience. God spoke to me after my bout with Multiple Myeloma and said,

“Henry, one of the reasons I spared your life was for you to tell your story of miraculous healing. You will bless many with your testimony because it will be an encouragement to them and a reminder that I am the living God and I am still in the miracle-making business.”

I went on to co-author with my wife Vanessa, “From Zion to a City of Hope: A Journey of Faith,” which debuted July 16, 2021, the sixth anniversary of my cancer diagnosis.

We are all on the “Journey of Life.” Within that JOURNEY, shorter more diverse journeys exist. Each one taking us through a collection of relatable experiences that have an alpha and omega. Some intersect and crisscross one another, and some are traveled on separate paths that never meet. Our Journeys of Faith was created as a place where people can find inspiration to live their lives as their “authentic” selves, which requires some level of FAITH.